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Oil & Petroleum Products

We are a one-stop Oil & Gas Service Providers specialize in installation and maintenance of all kinds of Oil & Gas Equipment.

Shipping & Chartering

We are a world-wide transportation chartering firm and leading international Oil and Gas transportation company in the United States and United Kingdom. We enjoy a signiflcant position In the worldwide Oil and Gas ships and cargoes.

About us

Iconic Oil & Engineering is a leading global Design, Detailed Engineering, EPC Support & Consulting Company carrying out services primarily in the Oil & Gas, Refinery, Petrochemical, FPSO, Storage Facility, Fertilizer & Chemical, Air Separation, Material Handling, Pharmaceutical, Power and Infrastructure Sectors, drilling, exploration and development wells for the global oil and gas industry.

Our Services

We specialize in the following installation


Pipeline Construction


Deep and direct Drilling


Core Services Systems


Gas Compression


Process Engineering


Well Services & Geosciences


Integrated Project Management



Project done on time

With lots of experience doing major project, we can safely assured you our time management are always on the dot.

Always available

We have a dedicated team to serve any type of projects related to mechanical & electrical task.

Professional and responsible

We ensure our customer’s satisfaction before and after service.


Gasoil Market :

Gas Oil Market have started this month on a stronger note as price levels has increased significantly in line with crude oil.
Iconic Oil & Enginerring has commenced the delivery of diesel to a select number of clients one of which is IOP. We intend to offer a similar service to other USA based real estates projects.

Corporate Social Responsibility :

Giving back is a vital aspect of any business in its rola as a responible corporate citizen. We strive to operate as a committed and caring partners to all stakeholders and wider community. We look forward to be able to do more to millions of people in the coming years.
Iconic Oil & Engineering believes that our efforts to build a competitive workforce, enhance health and wellbeing, and protect the environment benefit Iconic Oil and the communities where we operate.

About us


Iconic Oil & Engineering firm since 19th November 1979.