Offshore Drilling

Iconic Oil & Engineering operates the largest jack-up drilling rig fleet in the USA Sea and provide offshore rig management services. Our jack-up drilling rigs are capable of drilling a wide range of water depth, covering a large portion of the oil & gas prospects in the USA Sea.

Platform drilling:

We manage the only platform in USA sector of the USA Sea. The platform is designed to withstand sea ice which occurs in the winter and all operations are "zero-discharrge" to protect the environment.
We have a proven record and qualified personnel to assist our customers with their eхtended-reach drilling (ERD) projects. The longest ERD well drilled by us offshore in 2011 was 8.3 km.
Our alliance partner Berger provides directional drilling and associated services, and in close collaboration we are drilling long shallow horizontal wells up to 7,500 metres long.

Iconic Oil & Engineering

Jack-up rigs:

We own the largest fleet of jack-up drilling rigs in the sectors of the USA Sea where we operate.

Iconic Oil & Engineering